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ZUES: : Sends Only daughter to the Judea to Princess a new man
Blooze manual by RWorldOffice, p19 (RWorldOffice Books)

NEWS: : Martha greeted at Market Gates  ...
NEWS: : American Petered out shows 
Dolly .Won't be long

Victors annual carnival had arrived outside of Chuhdually town walls in the old vicarige two of the RWorldOfficers babes were there, they'd flown in especially to be with him for the event. The main event the Chinese State services which included a circus and the gambleing began big business - More as news happens. check the site for details

NEWS: : Martha greeted at Market Gates  ...
We begin Rolling over, orange tarmac in a real kingdom known by drivers passengers. The road had began to curve, and widen I had noticed and
then though it all became magical in an instant as Steve touched his
toe onto the throttle like an Angel and everything entered miracle,
nothing else could be seen heard or saw other than this realm this must be cruiseing everyone knows of a, speed didn't seem to happen
everything else just disapeared as the car rose over through and
across and straight by and past and down and along the road in front
and in view of everything and everybody as the stud still, nothing
happened and even or mattered Suddenly Stevio in perfect control throws the gear stick forward and struck 3rd gear The car shortened its steps, I re-arranged my view of the situation. And low and behold imiediatley
on the left, less than a hundred metres ahead shot out a torso vehicle
in an attempt to take over the Road, before match. It was to-late the
realm had been injected by throttle without plenty of time, for,
no-reverse. He saucershiped forward and left us the road still clears
Somehow the bend appeared next, to sharp to manouver had we not
foreseen this through throttle jockey. Chasen up and around the bend a hidden hill all the vehicles were comeing down and some no
almost opposit on, the opposit side one of those was a
helicoptership which pertruded its rectangle almost into our rear
somehow Steven escaped not even catching the wall which zoomed in on
the passenger side we manouvered the bend and managed to raise the hill almost in 2nd gear its coz of the way the car had been drove we managed this something to be seen my mouth understood was wide open draugn shut foh the races All that was left was the hill crest as we crossed over
toppleing almost into 1st, gear the crew had layen a lawn a sand pitch
we had to veer round almost knocking the dive Smileing somehow the
managed not to shave We crossed through and reached over to the
path side where supposingly the crust back on to the road however all
the pedestrians marched on forward somehow as though not even in
thought and nothing else could be seen to them, the horn had to be used this is when we reached the police scene next.
We had parted, In Hastings, and finally, went out to play,
Evening. Best'n takeing second place to no-one Meant little to her.
I had the cat fierce She'd been in to postpone a journey
I didn't quite understand, but getting the new car - there was no-holding uz back. But found it in close proximety to the studio apartement we'd found away into above Ivan Springer a negro passer I despised because he kept trying to steal jogi I had to keep reallying on Bruce Lee who i'd found to bully people with I was Always training with him that way. One evening returning from the coast where we'd spent the whole day on deck chairs in salute Was with extending the walk home i'd found the car parked up off the road with a big for sale sign at a fantastic give away price The student boffin arrived after the phone call ( early cell analog ) foh layd eez secret had taken the fuel pipe off the carbaretor to stop thefts which had then served to wash the engine prior to the sale A beautifull Vauxhall Cavalier GL style 1.6. Fully kitted out for The Driver with nothing obvious So what started with a Happy Sale escalated, Elavated. daily. which honestly was - really helpfull An added bonus & a big suprise, could of been a big help as well in the event of failiure Honestly there wasn't much chance of that car failing or letting the driver down and his passenger STAGE 1, On The Road..Next...