JANES DATE: 27/1/2017
pulled in and lonely, looking livelier than prescot I imagined and seen Yoko too. Back on the trail young western, the owl office VULTURE hears these things wintriner's a name.. DROK a buzzlightyear replicant showing penis is alive to cockal- pulled in showing a long line
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                        ]]scales 3-8, ]knighten Gowni/.Bin=Tos
occuring - 17:34:57 pta1b2 
7:11:2 or R7Y#                                                [ BOARD 4 ] [ CARDS ]

The Official Paradox
24, No time to Spare, re-calculating the Past in Strange seminars. Crazily unhoped by it but, going ahead anyway after all it'd all been true in ' that mind ' Years and years pass in the same formula. The old gown trailed in the same ways. Suddenly at this age in this time their out in link nothing but pastuer for them. I was still him, and achieved it with vehicle. The Paradox I was him the whole way , now I am by dury to.
We left before Chase Tower closed our hole...                                                                                                ADDS : : FOURPLAYER.. now

                                                                                                                                                                                         3, sixs was actually the next prile
Knighten Gown the 1st,  pta1b
bon bons, Dubin, paper towels, sawdust, firelighters,
peps.Contents a, Realization 2, Accumulator 3, posedown 4, inherent weekness 5, cheeky chops



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shaded the leaves put out light
in yellow, a band friend fastenates
littlelow cut bra, it drops - in spanners shaded the baby jane leaves rests for the night.
He's had enough to say for just now.

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A Phone Call... ... You leave me alone cheeky  UNDER2D