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The Mutiny
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chapter 3

Jimme the blonde was watching to he'd been hiding behind a acid bath un earthing gaskets praised ez nose both requests can anyone find baker here No muds gone out trackin has him at the stables now he'll be after the lads on horse back they have a ticket I need
Basement Plan flung over the desk mud takes a handbag then sees a ticket fiddling the wind caught it and it suddenly flew out the window No time to wait mud shoots down the stairing
, .WellMovieManor Mermaid Sid and Bret sat saddened by the news the girls had chose desks in skirts or sandals left. Figuring it through the boys seen an Avenue and miled mannered in hand threw themselves out over mud heap scaled a wall then saw a ticket fall like leaves from a heaven above from the window asirtained music signaled a gust as it read it must be theirs and could carry 2, on the highlands express tomorrow agreeing they'd find the train in track they followed road through coast streets of firs and seen it shine they ran for it together in ghostly alley
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 Mud gets both Sid and Bret home



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