Year 2000

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To the best of our knowledge this program will work satisfactorily through and beyond the millennium.

The only specific date processing contained in WebCompiler is in the optional specification of the expiration date of a presentation. The date is stored in a form that includes the century.

We are not willing to warrant anything further. We cannot. WebCompiler is built from a variety of components from a number of suppliers (Microsoft, Borland and others) and whilst we have no reason to believe those components have any millennium related problems, and our testing has not shown any, we do not have direct control over them. WebCompiler also uses components that already exist on the end-user's computer (the HTML rendering engine from Microsoft, the JavaScript and VBScript engines, and many other components) over which we have no direct control. The components it uses in the future may not be the ones it uses today, in fact the components it uses in the future may not even have been created at the time you are reading this.

We also have no control over the functionality of any ActiveX or similar components that a presentation built with WebCompiler will use, nor the use to which any scripting language such as JavaScript or VBScript will be put.

If you require further assurance regarding the ability of WebCompiler or presentations created with it to operate satisfactorily in any particular environment or at any particular time you should perform your own testing.